Academic Resources

Below are academic references that can help you plan your degree program. The documents below are a tools to help you plan for and manage your class schedules at Iowa State. While the tools are designed to show a four-year plan, it is easy to adjust the time frame to suit your needs. The tools on this site should be used as a supplemental method of understanding how your classes work together within your degree program. The primary method is reading the ISU Course Catalog and course descriptions. 


Four-Year Plan 


2017-18 SE Flowchart 2017-18 Four-Year Plan Summer 2023
2016-17 SE Flowchart 2016-17 Four-Year Plan Summer 2022
2015-16 SE Flowchart   Summer 2021
2014-15 SE Flowchart    Summer 2020
2013-14 SE Flowchart    Summer 2019
2012-13 SE Flowchart   Summer 2018

Electives: Below is the list of electives (Software Engineering/Technical/Math/Econ/Supplementary) in the Software Engineering Program.

General Education Requirements: Below is a list of general education requirements for software engineering students.


Concurrent Programs

The Software Engineering Program at Iowa State University does not offer a graduate program but we do have partnerships with Computer Science, Electrical and Computer Engineering, and College of Business for concurrent programs that allow students to get a bachelors of science in Software Engineering and a Masters in one of those three options.