Student Advisory Council

Software Engineering Student Advisory Council 

The Software Engineering Student Advisory Council is the bridge between students and faculty.  Our main goal is to help continually improve the Software Engineering curriculum along with providing resources to students outside of the classroom. 

The SAC is always looking for new members to join!  If interested in becoming a member please contact us at

Current SAC Members: 

 Anne Ore

Photo of Anne Ore Anne Ore is a Senior in Software Engineering. She is a Kaleidoquiz/Quickykwiz co-director at KURE, the student radio station. She is very interested in the Effective Altruism movement, which applies evidence and reason to determine the most effective ways to improve the world. She hopes to be a leader or influential person someday, by managing large teams, being a CEO, and/or being able to effectively write and speak worthwhile ideas.





 Garret Meier

Photo of Garret Meier Garret Meier is a Software Engineering Junior, originally from Billings, Montana. Currently, his interests include distributed systems and building large-scale web architecture.  

Garret also very involved with planning HackISU, Iowa State's only hackathon. One of his favorite things about software development is the ability to quickly build out project ideas, and develop them into a minimum viable product. He's involved with the hackathon as a way to provide that experiential learning to both himself and lots of other people.

This summer Garret will be out in sunny San Francisco interning as a Software Engineer for Uber. He'll most likely be working on connecting differing web technologies and hopefully learning a lot!


 Jack Meyer

Photo of Jack MeyerJack is currently a Sophomore in Software Engineering. He enjoys staying active by participating in HackISU, Computer Science and Software Engineering Club, IEEE, and competing in intramurals. Throughout his experiences at Iowa State he has become passionate about the Software Engineering Curriculum and helping other students succeed. His current interests are in Web Development and Data Analytics. For the summer of 2016, he will be interning at Telligen in West Des Moines, IA as a Programmer Analyst Intern.






 Trevor Henderson

Photo of Trevor Henderson Trevor Henderson is currently a Junior studying Software Engineering here at Iowa State with an interest in bioinformatics.

Trevor currently works as a software engineer for Metalcraft, a company based out of Mason City, as well as contract work on various projects.

Trevor enjoys long walks on the beach, pina coladas, and getting stuck in the rain.






 Derek Yu

Photo of Derek Yu Derek Yu is from Clive, Iowa and is a Junior in Software Engineering. Prior to Iowa State, he had no development experience. But, with the help of classes and outside learning, he has embraced software engineering. This summer Derek is excited to be at Kansas City interning for Cerner as a Software Engineer, working on technologies integrated with health care.






 Shaun VanWeelden

Photo of Shaun Van Weelden Shaun VanWeelden is a Senior studying Software Engineering. He's passionate about full stack web development and loves entrepreneurship. During his time at Iowa State, he's served as the president of the engineering student council and co-chair of the engineering career fair as well as an intern for Microsoft, Amazon, Boeing, and others. He's excited to be a part of SAC and help make the software engineering program at Iowa State be the best that it can.




 Joey Sogard

Photo of Joey Sogard Joey Sogard is a Sophomore studying Software Engineering at Iowa State University.  He is originally from Edina, Minnesota and in his free time enjoys camping, hiking, and working on his own personal programming projects. He plans to minor in Applied Statistics because along with his interest in Application Development, when he gets out of college he is also interested in going into the field of Big Data Analysis.




 Weston Morgan

Photo of Weston Morgan Weston is a Sophomore who joined SE SAC hoping to make valuable changes in the SE community and curriculum. He interned at the robotics company Acieta last summer and will be a Java intern at BusinessSolver in Des Moines this coming summer.