Student Advisory Council



The Software Engineering Student Advisory Council (SE SAC) serves as the bridge between the Software Engineering students and the Software Engineering Program. Council members meet on a regular basis to discuss student issues and concerns and to provide valuable feedback regarding the program curriculum, resources and services. Input from the council is conveyed to the Professor-in-Charge, faculty, staff, and the External Advisory Council (EAC), with the intention of providing continuous program improvement.

Council Responsibilities

The council is responsible for duties such as the following:

  1. Meeting with the Professor-in-Charge at least once a semester.
  2. Participate in Software Engineering Curriculum meetings.
  3. Participate in Software Engineering External Advisory Council Meetings.
  4. Organize student town-hall meetings once a semester to gain feedback from students about the program and to inform students about upcoming changes in the program/curriculum.
  5. Organize faculty town-hall meetings once a semester to inform faculty of student feedback about the program.

Student Advisory Council Members: 

Jack Meyer 

Photo of Jack Meyer

Jack Meyer is a senior majoring in Software Engineering at Iowa State University. 

Throughout his experiences at Iowa State, Jack has become passionate about the Software Engineering Program's curriculum and helping other students achieve their goals. This has led to his involvement in the Computer Science and Software Engineering Club (CSE), the Software Engineering Student Advisory Council (SE SAC), and the Software Engineering Learning Community (SELC).  

Last year, Jack had the opportunity to serve as the president of the CSE club. The CSE club's main goal is to provide networking opportunities between students & students, faculty & students, and industry leaders & students.  While president Jack was able to raise the attendance level at club meetings, hosted some of the biggest CSE club events in recent history and started more outreach in the Ames K-12 community by attending STEM nights at Meeker and Sawyer Elementary Schools. 

This year Jack is serving as the leader of the SE SAC. The SE SAC's focus is to be the bridge between the student body and faculty members. The SE SAC is continuously listening to feedback from students and using this feedback to provide input and help create changes to the curriculum along with getting more resources for students. The SE SAC host a Student Town Hall each semester for students to come and voice their concerns and thoughts about the Software Engineering Program in a safe environment. 

Last year, Jack served as one of the first SELC Peer Mentors and continues in this role for the academic year.   

Jack's technical interests includes: Web Development, Software Architecture, Distributed Systems, and DevOps. Over the last two summers, Jack has interned at Telligen in West Des Moines and will be continuing there after graduation!

Jack’s advice for current and future SE students is to get involved on campus by joining different organizations and clubs. “Being a part of a club can open many doors as a student,” said Jack. “You can gain valuable leadership skills, and meet many smart people in the process!”

Weston Morgan

Photo of Weston Morgan

Weston is a senior who joined SE SAC hoping to make valuable changes in the SE community and curriculum. He interned at the robotics company Acieta last summer and will be a Java intern at BusinessSolver in Des Moines this coming summer. 

Nischay Venkatram 

Photo of Nischay Venkatram

Nischay Venkatram is a senior in Software Engineering who really enjoys learning new technologies. These days he is strongly focused on machine learning and its uses. He also enjoys traveling and is trying his best to hit various hackathons across the nation this year.  

Nischay is also actively involved in the Iowa State University community. He was a Google Ignite CS mentor last semester where he taught high school students about problem solving and web development. He joined the SE SAC to bridge the gap between the students and faculty and also to improve the curriculum through increased communication, in ways that would benefit both the future students and faculty.  

Erica Clark 

Photo of Erica Clark

Erica is a senior in software engineering with a minor in Spanish. When she is not programming, she enjoys playing board games with friends. 

Fahmida Joyti

photo of Fahmida Joyti

Fahmida Joyti is a Software Engineering student from Dhaka, Bangladesh.  She is a research assistant at the Program Analysis Laboratory here at Iowa State and intends to continue pursuing research at graduate school.  Fahmida is primarily interested in mobile development and artificial intelligence.  During her spare time Fahmida enjoys singing and experimenting with new technologies.