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Software Engineering Student Services 

Phone: 515-294-9993

Office Hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday - Friday

2520 Osborn Drive, 1212 Coover Hall Ames, Iowa 50011-1090

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Online Appointment Scheduling

  • Go to Access+
  • Click the Student Tab 
  • Choose "ISU Appointments" in the left-side menu 
  • Follow the prompts and schedule with your adviser

Jason Follett

Academic Adviser 

Phone: 515-294-9067


Office: 1212 Coover Hall

Patrick Determan

Academic Adviser 

Phone: 515-294-1942


Office: 1212 Coover Hall 

Teela Wilmes

Academic Adviser

Phone: 515-294-0222


Office: 1212 Coover Hall 

Software Engineering Academic Advising Contract

Student Responsibilities:

  • Attend scheduled appointments and maintain email and phone contact with your adviser each semester.
  • Come prepared to each appointment with questions or material for discussion.
  • Be an active learner and ask questions if you do not understand. 
  • Accept the consequences of their academic and personal decisions and take responsibility for their academic progress and goal attainment.
  • Register for appropriate courses in accordance with advice from their adviser and accept responsibility for accuracy of their schedules.
  • Access and review degree audit information and develop and update their academic plan on a regular basis.
  • Carefully consider and follow through on adviser recommendations.
  • Know your registration date and semester deadlines.
  • Understand and follow the College of Engineering Basic Program guidelines.
  • Follow course prerequisites and co-requisites.

Adviser Responsibilities:

  • Provide academic support to ensure successful progression to graduation.
  • Guide decision-making and responsible development of educational plans for achievement.
  • Provide information and strategies for using university resources and services.
  • Monitor and accurately document progress.
  • Maintain confidentiality pursuant to FERPA.
  • Be knowledgeable about university, college and departmental policies and procedures and the graduation requirements.
  • Be accessible and responsive to their advisees via office hours, phone and/or email.

To sign the academic advising contract follow the link: 

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